Snowbirds Sometimes Find Mold Problems in Their Winter Homes


For the thousands of people migrate down to South Florida during the winter months to escape the cold and gloom of Northern winters, South Florida’s warm and sunny climate offers a welcome and refreshing change of scenery. Many of these “snowbirds” encounter problems in the winter homes that sometimes sit abandoned for half of the year. They may find roof leaks, faulty plumbing or any number of problems. Some people encounter a musty odor and/or growths on their walls, sure-tell signs of mold. Seasonal residents and full-time residents across South Florida can turn to licensed companies that offer mold remediation south florida services to quickly get mold issues in their homes resolved.

Northerners who flock to the warm weather of South Florida can discover that their winter homes need service and attention in many ways. Service businesses across the region stand ready to assist snowbirds with repairs, maintenance and “tune-ups” on home amenities like air conditioning systems, sprinkler systems and security systems and services such as pest control and mold remediation. Snowbirds in places such as Miami-Dade County and Broward County can get fast relief from mold issues by hiring businesses that offer mold removal miami work.

Following months away from these homes, many people return to their vacation homes in South Florida locations like Miami, Hollywood, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach and find a variety of problems that they need to promptly address. Leaks in roofs or plumbing can allow mold to form. Oftentimes, insects or rodents will find their way into people’s vacant homes. People’s yards can become overgrown in their absence. Fortunately, service businesses like lawn care companies, pest control firms, mold abatement companies, roofing businesses and plumbing companies can bring people’s second homes up to par in a hurry, making these homes safer and more comfortable.